Friday, 3 January 2014

Gypsy Pegs

Cruising around the internet one night, I stumbled over a picture of Gypsy Pegs (amongst other things which I wont mention...). These seemed like a mighty fine idea for some Christmas stocking fillers... They turned out fairly well, packed up by the dozen on cardboard slips they look almost professional.

The pegs start out as green hazel rods, cut to 11" sections then peeled. A band of metal (cut from an old beer can) is tacked on 4 inches from one end then wrapped around, the end tucked under and tacked down tight. This is repeated 4 inches from the other end.

A split is run from both ends towards the band. The tips are shaped inside and outside of the split. Once the shaping is done, the two pegs are released by cutting in half with secateurs and the finish pegs are forced onto a rope to dry. Jobs a good 'un.

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