Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Makers Gallery

Things have been getting out of hand... I can't move around the house with out slipping on piles of butter knives and fallen piles of spoons are blocking fire escapes. It is time to have a clear-out... I have been in touch with the nice people at The Tenterden Gallery - a collection of local artists and craftspeople - and they have been kind enough to offer me a four week slot as a guest maker. Perched amongst the photographs and paintings are my spoons and pegs and on select days I sit in a warm corner and carve whilst chatting with artists and people who pop in. Hopefully the good people of Kent will develop an appetite for wooden spoons.


The Gallery is a fantastic platform for artists and craftspeople - long may it last.

Setting them out was almost as hard as pricing them...

Its a very strange feeling to have something that you have created on view, for people to scrutinise and maybe even buy... This is the first time I have done anything like this and a massive internal dialogue of conflict goes on in your mind: How much is reasonable to charge? What is a fair cost for my time? What will people feel they are worth? Why worry - people might not like them... Is it pretentious to think they are worth selling? How to I deal with people telling me they would be better a different way?

I suppose it doesn't matter in the end, all experience is good experience. Besides its fun to break out of your comfort zone.

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