Thursday, 27 September 2012

Living Wood 2012

This is the first in a poor chronological order of posts of woody/country things I have been upto this summer.

My brother Jack and I visited Mike Abbott in his bit of wood in Herefordshire this August to make ourselves a couple of greenwood chairs. It was an amazing week with great company, good food and plenty of singing. The rain held off too. Oh, and there was a chicken, on a raft...

The Students: Mike (with son Aiden), Margaret, Laura, Will, Caz, John, Tom and Jack

The Workshop

The Combi-boiler - our hot water, oven and drying boxes. I managed to make pizza in the oven and used the drying boxes to prove the dough!

Testing the joints of a side panel

The tense cramping up phase

You can see Jacks little rocking chair in the background

I was born 45 years old and therefore rock the apron...

A bit of help from Owen (after he had beaten my chair)

The finished article

3 - 3 twill woven seat in Danish Cord

Now I have managed to buy, beg and steal enough kit to start making my own chairs (well, stools to start with) so stay tuned for more chairyness to come.

Some extra pics of the set up:

The barracks

From the out side - a massive tent made from bent hazel rods and a lorry tarpauline. Home to all of the horse flies in Hereforshire and two very bitten brothers for a week.

One of the wooden huts

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