Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Carved Spoons

Just a few pics of spoons I have carved... I've started selling a few so I don't end up with elaborate kindling...

Plum and apple servers, spatula and ladle

Plum eaters

Pear, birch and willow eaters and stirrer in my trademark style

Octagonal handled eaters in hazel, birch and plum

Plum butter knives

More plum butter knives

Frittiof inspired birch server and salad tongs

Matching birch server and birch / plum eaters

Willow, cherry and birch eaters

Apple eaters or maybe salad tongs?

Tiny plum spoon - its very pale as it is still green and unseasoned

This is a spoon I bought from Barn the Spoon and is a server made from bay and is beautiful. The obvious cut marks which I strive to remove in my own spoons stand so plainly and enhance the natural simplicity despite the obvious technical skill which has created a symmetrical, graceful, usable spoon. I love it. 

This is a special spoon I carved for a special birthday.

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