Saturday, 14 December 2013

Spoonfest 2013

Spoonfest returned for 2013 bigger and better than before...  Extra long, extra wet and extra spoony, it could only be a weekend in August in Edale. With a cracking demo by axe-maker Nic Westermann and talent from all over the world, if you like spoons its not to be missed... Anyway, these are the spoons I managed to carve during the weekend, all in Birch as I never can find any at home.

Pre-purchase (above) and post-purchase (below) of a spoon by Jarrod Stonedahl. The early ones are copies of photos found on the web. The copies of an actual 3D object are a fantastic learning curve as its impossible to see the finer detail and balance of anything through a photo. Although I initially balked at the idea of actually paying for a spoon - when I have dozens of the buggers rattling round - it has paid for itself over and over in teaching and I use it everyday too...

A couple with wiggles from following the grain... (above and below)

Post Spoonfest spoons... All Hazel.

The first crook spoon in a Sundquvist style... Hazel of course...

The mega-spoon-haul... Hopefully I'll make enough to pay for next years tickets.

Long (above) and short (below) pickle spoons in a slightly different (and varied) style.

Getting out of my comfort zone - below are the first few spoons carved from a Walnut that blew over in the recent strong winds. A completely different carving experience but the results are well worth the effort as the grain looks fantastic

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