Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What a delightful bush...

Not that I want to brag or anything, but these trophies look sick on my window sill... This year was my third year entering The South of England Hedge Laying Society 29th Annual Competition, I was  lucky on the draw for my cant and the stakes and binders were nice and straight (cleft chestnut that was already pointed!) so most of the hard work was already done, but I was still pretty pleased with the result. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos as I was scared for my cameras safety - last time I got drenched for 4 hours and nearly died of hypothermia... Competition day was a cold and crisp and dry as a bone - perfect hedging weather - and I only slipped in the ditch once...

The axe is for Most Improved Novice 2013

First Place Novice Class 2013

Score card and Best Stakes and Binders

Next year I will have to compete in the senior class against the pros with their chainsaws... I wont stand much chance as there is an extra 3 yards! Still, there is a prize for best axe-work, so who knows...

This is the prize I won last year when I entered Living Woods Magazine spoon carving competition. I think there were only 3 entries but either way I got myself a voucher for Mora Knives at Classic Hand Tools! If you like woody things like trees 'n' stuff, LWM is worth a butchers: www.living-woods.com

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