Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sweden '13 - Gloat-Post

This January I  was lucky enough to catch up with an old uni friend who is Swedish and studied in the UK. He lives in the lovely town of Udevalla which is impressively built, seemingly on nothing but granite and sea. We managed to do a fair bit of travelling and we used this excuse to visit what I feel (although I'd never been there...) to be my spiritual home - Mora. Located in the heart of Dalla Land, famous for Dalla Horses and cracker bread, Mora is the home of a particular knife factory. Unfortunately the factory is closed over the winter months to visitors but I did manage to find a shop selling the coveted Morakniv. I found myself a traditional red-handled No. 2 which has rapidly become my favourite carving knife. I also bought a knife blade with the intention of putting a wood and antler handle on it with a matching wood and leather Sami-esque sheath... One day...

The fantastic Hemslojd shop is full of amazing traditional Swedish handcrafts - from carved spoons and bowls to authentic Lapland clothing, if only I were richer... Check it out here: www.morahemslojd.se

Some Sundqvist spoons... Well it was Sweden...

Our new, somewhat unhinged friend Marcus.

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