Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Back in the Gallery (and More Spoons)

Back in June the nice people at the Tenterden Gallery were kind enough to invite me back for their extended open period during South East Open Studios. SEOS is a fantastic event designed to get the public linked up with artists all over Kent and Sussex and provides good networking for artists and makers. I had been frantically working on new stock for the event and have been carving in the Gallery to the interest of public and artists alike. Unfortunately thhe Gallery has lost its usual premises and so from now on will be on the road, a vagabond of art possibly rolling up in a town near you... Keep upto date here:

Tenterden Gallery :


And now for something completely different...

Its been a while since you've seen any spoons, here are a few I've been working on over the last year.

Pickle and teaspoons in a style that I have been developing. Hazel (top) Walnut (middle and bottom).

Mustard spoons in Hazel and Walnut

A special hazel spoon carved from a natural crook. Heavily influenced by Jogge Sundquvist, I was too chicken to imitate his chip carving.

Hazel, Birch and Walnut eating spoons in my developing style.

Walnut spatulas.

Stay tuned for more spoon updates coming soon...

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